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Tripe gets Tossed for something better!
Published on July 26, 2006 By Slanderer In Current Events
No, this isn't a Queen retro tour, but another nail in the coffin of media punit Ann Coulter. With Rush-link verbosity she sticks her mouth where others fear to go! I thought this post would be of interest and a personal up-yours to all the trolls of JU.


'Bout damn time Annie, don't let the door hit you on the way out, you skank.

Have a lovely day.

on Jul 26, 2006
Wow, three whole newspapers. Last I heard she is in over 100, and that one had only had her for less than a year. I'm sure William F. Buckley being her replacement will mean TONS of perspective you'd agree with *snort*.

For some reason I thought you were dabe. They all sound alike to me...
on Jul 26, 2006
I don't care for the way she goes about making her point. Too much venom for my taste.
Unfortunate - she isn't dumb & could make better arguments without the rudeness.
on Jul 26, 2006
But would you know her name without the rudeness? Probably not. I wonder if Slanderer wept when the LA Times tossed out Robert Scheer and replaced him with a staunch conservative.

At least this paper didn't sell out and went with Buckley. Lib papers have been getting much more more moderate BECAUSE people like Coulter, Rush and O'reilly have such a following.
on Jul 26, 2006
Hmm - point taken Bakerstreet. I wouldn't know her without the rudeness.
When I let myself get past the rudeness - she often has a good point.

My Husband likes O'Reilly (me too!) and yells at him to shut-up & let the other guy finish his sentence.
We also like Glenn Beck - he uses a little more humor.
on Jul 27, 2006
the LA Times tossed out Robert Scheer and replaced him with a staunch conservative

are you referring to max boot or jonathon ummm whatshisname?

Lib papers have been getting much more more moderate BECAUSE people like Coulter, Rush and O'reilly have such a following

dunno bout other papers but what happened at the la times has lots less to do with becoming more moderate than it does a deliberate dumbing down directed by its current owner, tribune corp. it seems less a case of giving the public what it wants--or even what someone thinks they want--than a vengeful patriarch tormenting noth the times' literal and figurative families. today's tribune is clearly not the cantankerous conservative stalwart it once was.

nothing worthy of praise here; no justification for even the tiniest of gloats. for decades the times' op-ed page was a constant in one regard: no matter what your political or philosophic orientation, at least one piece was gonna piss ya off.

no longer tho.

there's been so little of that since earlier in the year just after scheer got the axe and we got the boot. with ever increasing frequency, i'm giving up before reaching the inside back page.

too much effort...far too little payoff.
on Jul 27, 2006
I was hoping to play a little game of fill in the blank. Wouldn't you like to play? I was hoping my obvious faux pas would start into a much needed debate which was in keeping with the history of one word soundbytes of Ms. Coulter. Specifically, I was referring to FahrenHYPE 9/11, a direct to video[heehaw] documentary or should I say docu-comedy which can only be described as as an afterthought. Link

She's made a career of self-promotion and entertainment at the expense of others. I figured it was high time for the karma wheel to turn and look at the life and times of someone who has clawed her way to celebrity on the backs of others...

Oh well I guess omission is lost on 4th graders...
on Jul 27, 2006

Scheer's dismissal did a good job at highlighting paper mergers.

After running his column for more than 12 years, the Los Angeles Times fired Scheer in November 2005 as part of a revamp of their opinion-editorial page that also saw the firing of their conservative editorial cartoonist, Michael Ramirez. Scheer said in an interview with "Democracy Now!" that the paper's owner, the Tribune Company, currently owns a newspaper and a television station in the same market, which is illegal, and may have fired Scheer in an attempt to make it easier to obtain a waiver permitting the dual ownership from the Bush Administration's F.C.C. Up to 300 people protested Scheer's firing, outside of the Times downtown office, and many readers publicly announced the cancellation of their subscription to the Times -- including celebrities like Barbra Streisand.